Need 10 or more cookies for your event or meeting?

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We are renowned for our cookies. Often described to us as, "the best I've ever tasted", these treats are sure to delight all of your guests, with our capability to also offer vegan and non-gluten varieties.

Baked fresh from our Loughborough kitchen, we provide bulk cookie orders for collection from our Canal House site or can deliver locally for a small charge.

If you're looking for less than 10 cookies, we'd always recommend just coming along to one of our cafes and taking away over the counter. For orders 10 or more it's best to pre-order to avoid delays. We offer bulk discount for pre-orders.


We offer two cookie sizes to suit the needs of your event:

These cookies are 115g each (the same size as those served in our cafes) and are a suitable portion for one per person.

These cookies are 25-30g each (around a quarter size of the regular). We recommend providing around four mini cookies per person.

Why mini?
Mini cookies are a good option if you think your guests would like to sample more than one flavour. Eating multiple regular size cookies is not for the feint-hearted!


We have many cookie flavours available rotating on a daily basis in our cafes. For bulk ordering we focus on the most popular flavours listed below.

Regular flavours
Classic (double chocolate chip)

Vegan and non-gluten flavours
Vegan classic (single chocolate chip)
Vegan double chocolate chip
Vegan hazelnut
Vegan gingerbread


The more you buy, the cheaper they get. There is a minimum order quantity of 10 cookies per flavour. The more you buy, the cheaper they get.

Minimum order quantity of 10 cookies per flavour.

REGULAR SIZED COOKIES (recommend one per person)

10-30 cookies = £2.50 per cookie
31-60 cookies = £2.40 per cookie
61-120 cookies = £2.30 per cookie
More than 120 cookies = £2.20 per cookie

MINI COOKIES (recommend four per person)

10-30 mini cookies = £1.10 per cookie
31-60 mini cookies = £1.05 per cookie
61-120 mini cookies = £1.00 per cookie
More than 120 mini cookies = £0.95 per cookie

Upon submitting an enquiry below, we will provide you with a full quotation prior to confirming the booking.



We offer delivery in the LE11 postcode area for £5 charge Monday to Friday.

We may be able to delivery if your address is further afield and can provide a delivery quotation based on your address.

We do not currently offer delivery at weekends (see our collection option below).


Collections can be made free of charge during our opening hours at our Canal House site (Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 3pm).


How long do the cookies keep?

As our cookies are made using fresh ingredients with no preservatives, they are best enjoyed on the day of handover or delivery. However, we do guarantee our cakes for 48 hours, as long as storage guidelines are followed. You are welcome to keep our cakes longer than this, but we cannot be held responsible for their condition past our 48 hour guarantee.

How do I store my cookies?

Cookies are best stored in a cool, dry place until serving. In hot weather, avoid warm spaces or direct sunlight.

You can freeze cookies for up to one month from handover or delivery date. They should be left to defrost naturally to room temperature and are further enhanced with a 10-15 blast in a microwave on full power.

Where can I obtain ingredients and allergen information?

We provide printed ingredients and allergens sheets with each order.

If you require ingredients and allergen information before placing an order please include this in your enquiry and we can provide further information by email.

How are the cookies packaged?

Our standard packaging method is to group cookies of the same flavour in the same box. Flavours are not mixed in the same box for allergen control. We do offer an option to individually bag each cookie for a charge of £0.10 per cookie.

How big are the cookies?

Each regular cookie is 115g +/- 5g. This is the same size as the cookies available in our cafes. They are a good sized portion for one per person, roughly baking to a size of 10-12cm across.

Mini cookies are around 1/4 size, so we would recommend 3-5 mini cookies per person (depending on their appetite!).

What days and time can I collect or arrange delivery??

Collection is available from our Canal House site 11am to 4pm on Monday to Saturday.

Delivery is available between 3-5pm Monday to Friday.